Month: February 2018

Tuesday 27 February

Mark 5:1-20 This is a long reading, so we’ll try to be brief. This story could be quite comical. I often see it in my mind’s eye in cartoon form, with the pigs hurtling down the cliff at the end, squealing and snorting, the townspeople looking on aghast, and a heavily-bearded naked man taking some […]

Monday 26 February

Mark 4:35-41 What a remarkable story this is! It is full of fearful humanity and of divine mystery. You and I belong in this story, and it belongs in us. There had been a long day of preaching and teaching. Evening had come, and it was time to go. To walk out through the crowd […]

Weekend 24-25 February

Optional Study: We will resume Mark next Monday. Who’s afraid? Again, an optional study for the weekend. You can either read this or catch up on ones you’ve missed – or do both – or go fishing. In what is a fairly small book as Gospels go, words denoting fear – afraid, fearful, terrified, frightened…, […]

Reflections on a new Archbishop by Robyn Grundie

Reflections on a new Archbishop by Robyn Grundie

It is with great joy that I tell you of my trip to Western Australia to witness history in the making by being present at the installation of the 8th Archbishop of Perth:  Most Reverend Kay Goldsworthy A.O. This was a huge ‘wow’, ‘made it’ moment for me: the first woman in our church family […]

Friday 23 February

Mark 4:21-34 Have you ever been involved in some venture right at the beginning, when everything seemed to be full of promise? Perhaps a new church or school, a new business or partnership? A new course or career? Even a new marriage or relationship? In our human experience, the euphoria with which we greet these […]

Thursday 22 February  

Mark 4:1-20 This must be one of the best-known parables. For today’s Lenten-focused reflection, we will not focus on the meaning of the parable, as most people have probably heard it taught many times. Instead, we’ll focus on why Jesus told parables at all. The reason that Jesus himself gives in vv10-12 can be a […]

Wednesday 21 February

Mark 3:7-34 Jesus withdrew. He went with his disciples to the lake. Mark shows us how Jesus is gathering strength for his journey. He calls his apostles – twelve of them. One of them will betray him. Someone will ask: why did Jesus call Judas if he knew Judas would betray him? Perhaps ask first: […]

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