Easter 2018 Service Guide

Easter 2018 Service Guide

29 March 7:00pm Holy Communion (incl. foot washing) 30 March 8:00am Solemn Service 10:00am Family Service 1:30pm Reflective Service 31 March 6:00pm Lighting of the New Fire & Renewal of Baptismal Vows 1 April 7:30am Traditional Easter Service 9:30am Informal...

Wednesday 28 February   

Mark 5:21-43 In today’s reading, we see two quite remarkable stories of healing. The little daughter (we can guess she is probably under ten years of age) of the ruler of the synagogue is sick, and even while her father, Jairus, is imploring Jesus to come, his...

Tuesday 27 February

Mark 5:1-20 This is a long reading, so we’ll try to be brief. This story could be quite comical. I often see it in my mind’s eye in cartoon form, with the pigs hurtling down the cliff at the end, squealing and snorting, the townspeople looking on aghast, and a...

Monday 26 February

Mark 4:35-41 What a remarkable story this is! It is full of fearful humanity and of divine mystery. You and I belong in this story, and it belongs in us. There had been a long day of preaching and teaching. Evening had come, and it was time to go. To walk out through...

Sunday Services:

7:30am - Sung Eucharist

9:30am - Family Worship

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