Month: March 2018

Saturday 31 March

Mark 15:42-47 Today’s reading serves as an introduction to Holy Saturday, though Mark does not even mention it. There is only one sentence in all four Gospels which deals with that day. Luke states: But they rested on the Sabbath in obedience to the commandment. We have a difficulty with this day because we have […]

Reflection by Rev’d Stewart

Reflection by Rev’d Stewart

Grace or Consequences… the paradox of ball tampering… Even those who profess not to be sports lovers have been following the events of the last week involving our national cricket team and their on-field indiscretions… I’m sure the healthy contingent of South Africans in our church family are looking forward to finding the opportunity of […]

Thursday 29 March

Mark 14:12-72 Today’s reading commences with a reference to the Feast of Unleavened Bread. This is a Jewish Festival dating from the time of the Passover – the escape of the Jews from slavery in Egypt. It involves the removal of yeast from every part of the house. Yeast is a symbol in the Bible […]

Wednesday 28 March

Mark 14:1-11 Go back and read the first two verses again. The outrage! Here’s this layman, going around healing people, making blind people see, delivering them from demons, and delivering sermons that people actually want to listen to. The priests and wardens call together some members of the Parish Council, invite the Bishop ’cos they […]

Monday 26 March

Mark 11:27 to 12:44 This is a very long reading, so we’ll make it a (relatively) short devotion. After a series of intellectual skirmishes, where various priests and teachers try to trick Jesus into saying something which they could use to condemn him, we finally meet a teacher of the law who takes Jesus seriously. […]

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