Easter Reflections

This week’s reflection is written by Carol Johnston, who joined our parish quite recently and attends our 9.30am service. Her experience of our Holy Week and Easter services wasn’t exactly what she had planned. Read on!

From Carol …
Easter 2022 was not what I expected and my expectations were high!

I had prepared for the most important time of the Christian calendar by studying throughout the period of Lent using the wonderful ABM resource Repairing the Breach and meeting with Mary- Anne Rulfs once a week….what a joy it was to have that time! We had some thought- provoking discussions and beautiful fellowship.

So…I was ready. Easter 2022. My calendar was full …Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Saturday service and Easter Sunday!
Then it happened! The sneezing, the coughing, the sore throat, the runny eyes. I was going nowhere except to bed! Such disappointment! What terrible timing after much anticipation!

But wait! All was not lost! Technology came to the rescue!
Propped up on the lounge, hot lemon drink in hand, dog asleep at my feet ….ONLINE CHURCH!!! How blessed are we to have such an amazing resource. I decided to tune in to the traditional service to enjoy some of my favourite hymns and the magic sound of the church organ.

Good Friday was as special as ever. What an important day, when we are reminded of the suffering that Jesus endured for our salvation. Those most powerful words “It is finished ” I find conjures up great emotion. And Mary-Anne’s beautiful and courageous sermon came from the heart and I know the whole congregation felt it too. It was no less powerful watching online. The church unadorned and the congregation reverent. And at the end was ….Silence…into which another voice may speak.

Easter Sunday is an awakening. Still unwell I prepared to watch online once again, and again I chose the traditional service. The church looked glorious and Stewart and Mary-Anne resplendent in their robes. The hymns, readings and prayers uplifted my soul. And what a powerful and transformative sermon Stewart delivered as always, connecting with us on a personal level referencing our daily lives and yet taking us into the realms of a wonderous relationship with God.

Once again we were challenged to consider another view…what if? Transformation ….trust in the one who tells the story. Easter …has never mattered more.

While Easter 2022 was not what I expected, I was blessed indeed!

Thank you! Carol!
We are very grateful to you for sharing your thoughts with us all.

I have spoken to several other people who were also disappointed that something prevented them from attending services in person, and yet while not quite the same, they found connection and ways of worshipping meaningfully via our online platform.

If you haven’t yet written on or prayed over an origami dove and would like to, we have plenty. Please email the office and we can send some to you, or you’re welcome to pick one up next time you are in the building so you can place it near the altar and paschal candle with those of others.

We are always looking to improve the experience for those worshipping online and welcome feedback. While we can’t guarantee 100% reliability that technology will ‘work on the day’ (no one can) we can commit to offering the best we can. And we do.

Blessings, everyone, for the week ahead,