A Reflection From One Of Your Parish Councillors, Frank Estevao

 It’s been a big month; almost a cliché but to me it definitely feels the older I get the quicker they pass by. So, we’ve reached August by God’s grace; most of us in good health, some of us after a good break hopefully, with much food and in a warm home. I remember my mum reminding me that the best emotion is gratitude, and I’m truly thankful for these listed benefits I share with Jacqui, Kelly and Natalie, as well as my friends. I’m also proud and happy being part of this church family in Robina.

I mentioned gratitude, but my experience this week has reminded me of my other favourite word, namely Ubuntu, … translated to ‘I am because you are,’ or ’community’. One of the ways we demonstrate this is by offering our time and efforts to avoid stagnation, which most of us believe could mean our passing as a church. One of your volunteer groups met this week at parish council meeting.

We started with a prayer, remembering our local churches struggling with various challenges.

The agenda included discussions and agreements on responses to correspondence, reports from our amazingly good Rainbow Town Early Learning Centre, both our great Op Shops (Markeri Street and Kids), and most visibly outside, progress of and final planning for PROJECT CONNECT. We are on schedule and excited to be ready and open for business (read ‘Ubuntu’).

We also discussed with gratitude our FB social media page, and I encourage you all to get on, read, contribute and like.

Last but not least, we gave thanks for Margaret Hulston, one of our first parishioners, as she takes a short break. She has handed over the role of Missions Secretary (our community development and partnering role) to Sam Kurien and I.

This brings me to a shameless plug: due to popular demand, we are going to host another Spring Concert in October. Exact date to be confirmed. In the meantime, please consider and nominate people with musical and related talent to perform or contribute to the evening. You can contact me on 0434 869932 or [email protected]

To end, one thing we agreed on strongly was the need for change that is authentic and not cosmetic. So while our church is soon to be blessed with greater community but also physical and visual value, our real beauty and value will be enhanced by the sincere, enthusiastic, genuinely warm welcome we give our visitors and new members. I have seen and experienced the greatly positive change that this brings, since we all (when new anywhere) admire authenticity as stranger at a new place/community. A few strangers have become my friends here, thank God, and I’ve seen many new faces add value and grace to this our vibrant community here at Anglican Church, Robina!


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