Stewart Perry

Weekend 10-11 March

Optional Study: We will resume Mark next Monday. Mark’s Gospel commences with an apparently simple verse. The beginning of the Gospel about Jesus Christ, the Messiah (the anointed one), the Son of God. But this verse contains explosive material. I think that this sentence may be the most revolutionary sentence in the entire Bible! It […]

Reflection by Rev’d Stewart Perry

Reflection by Rev’d Stewart Perry

I will often joke that the unrecorded 11th Commandment was: “Thou shalt not committee” but I have found in my time as a priest responsible for the running of Parish Council meetings, that those who are elected &/or appointed to this important role are generally worth spending time with, have interesting thoughts & observations & […]

Friday 9 March

Mark 8:1-21 Our reading starts with the simple words, “During those days, another large crowd gathered”. Well, OK. But where are they? We were told in the previous reading, that we were in the Decapolis. Hang on a minute. Isn’t there a little bell going off in our memory? Mark has mentioned the Decapolis before. […]

Thursday 8 March

Mark 7:24-37  Following the discussion on unclean and clean, which was so important to the exterior religion of Jesus’ day, Mark takes us with Jesus into two unclean places: the Phoenician city of Tyre, and the Roman Decapolis. There he meets with two people who desperately need his help. One of them at least, is […]

Wednesday 7 March

Mark 7:1-23 The fuss about hand-washing in today’s reading has nothing to do with germ prevention. Nothing to do with Mother telling the kids to go and wash their hands before they sit down to eat dinner. Jesus and his disciples have fallen foul of ritualistic rules, about how to wash before eating. That is, […]

Tuesday 6 March

Mark 6:45-56 Jesus sent the disciples away on the boat before he dismissed the crowd. Perhaps he knew the disciples would just be rude to the crowd and send them off. I wonder how Jesus did it. How did he bless them and encourage them enough to persuade them that they could go home, safely, […]

Monday 5 March

 Mark 6:32-44 After the heady, joyful news-giving of the apostles, freshly returned from their successful missions, Jesus tried to withdraw to a quiet place with the disciples. It’s good spiritual practice to withdraw sometimes. “Come ye apart for a while”, said Jesus. And so we learn that if we don’t sometimes come apart with him, […]

Weekend 3-4 March

Optional Study: We will resume Mark next Monday. Ok.  Today’s devotion is one for the poor, sorry types like me, who love digging into literary documents. If it’s not your cup of tea, do some gardening or play Sudoku. But if you love words and ideas, read on! In one of our earlier entries, (16 […]

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