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Easter Together

What an amazing Easter! For all who contributed, served and simply worshiped in one or more of our services online or in person. Thank you.

While there were many highlights during Holy Week, the few we’ve included below give some insight into the experience.

For me the most meaningful part of Easter was connecting with young people. To be able to simply sit and have a conversation with them. 

Kiarni, intern.

Our Easter together services were meaningful for me when I saw the pure joy the kids were experiencing listening, playing and learning together and being able to include them in an active and engaging way. It is inspiring to see how little children love learning about Jesus and what he sacrificed for us.

Anika, Intern

For me it was seeing how those in our Church have matured and become people who give back to our community. Who are communicating the message of Christ as they work with the kids, lead worship from the front and do things in the background. There was a real sense of people working together and seeing those who once participated, getting in there and loving others through serving.

Bowen, Family Support Minister

Our Easter together services were meaningful for me because the Easter story was told in an authentic way, across all the services and it was wonderful to see the congregation connect and engage with the paper people. To see the lines of ‘paper people’ grow from Thursday to Sunday, across the sanctuary, representing “Easter Together,’ was amazing and quite powerful.

Other highlights were… seeing kids of all ages engaging in all the Easter activities in Lakeview and hearing the ‘Hallelujah!!’ always makes me teary!!

Anne, Pastoral Ministry Support

Our Easter together services were meaningful for me when Stewart, yet again, broke an egg against his head. Isn’t that the true and literal meaning of ‘Break – fast’? – and I am always worried that one time the egg might not break. It was, of course, more meaningful when I saw that we had a congregation for the Good Friday Reflections and more than anything else, when I played the introduction and heard the people sing ‘Jesus Christ is risen today’.

John, Music Director for 7.30am

Our Easter together services were meaningful for me because it was truly uplifting to see all the hard work that went into preparing for the Easter services, come together.  When volunteers, interns and staff all seamlessly joined together to serve in so many ways, with so much joy and trust in each other.  It really brought home the ’together’, to see us all so harmoniously united in service.

Andrea, Business Manager

I loved every aspect of preparing for Easter and celebrating Easter Day with our community. And knowing we were sharing our services with people near and far online.

Mary-Anne, Community Minister

I find it difficult to highlight just one moment, because for me the services knit together to complete the story and each reflect the emotion and devotion of the Holy Week and Easter story. I remain humbled by how profound this story is in my life and the life of others year after year. Bring on next Easter!

Stewart, Senior Minister

And some favourite moments from other people in our community:

I was at everything and thought it was all special. I loved every service … I’d never been to the lighting of the candle …

The best Good Friday service I can remember

The lighting of the candle was my favourite. Coming out of darkness into the light. Terribly meaningful.

The lighting of the candle and renewing baptism vows…

Easter Day was very uplifting.

What was meaningful for you over Easter? As you reflect, how has Easter 2021 encouraged you in your life and relationships?

Stewart, Andrea, Bowen, Dale, Anne and Mary-Anne


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