Super Hero (2)

Reflection by Elroy Mee

Jesus: Super Hero

Throughout my years as Chaplain to Canterbury College I have been amazed, and moved, by the spiritual awareness of the very young children.  And I certainly experienced this during my last days at the College when I had the opportunity to hold Year Level Chapels for the Junior School – nine Chapels in four days!


I had different themes for each year such as: ‘It’s Great to be Me’ for Kindy; ‘The Lord is with You’ for Year 3; and ‘You’re Never too Young to do Great Things for God’ for Year 6. But for Prep and Year 2, I thought I might use the same theme, namely, ‘Super Heroes’, as I was sure the children would know and love everything about them. And when I found a YouTube video showing all the different Super Heroes together with the Minions, I knew I was onto a good thing!

The Prep Chapel was on the Monday morning, and all I can say is that the trust the teachers showed in my ability to bring the children back to some sort of order was amazing because the noise, as the children yelled out the name of each Hero and laughed at the Minions, was deafening!

To help them settle down, I showed a picture of Jesus on the screen. Then I asked   the children to raise their hand if they thought Jesus could be a Super Hero, and every hand shot up! Their teachers were as surprised as I was, so I said to the children, “Well, we know that each Super Hero has their own special power, and that they received their special power in many different ways. So, where do you think Jesus got his power from?”

There was silence for a moment, then four children raised their hands. So I asked one of the little boys where he thought Jesus’ power came from.

“From his love,” he said earnestly, bringing unexpected tears to my eyes – and I could see that the teachers were moved, too.

“What a beautiful answer,” I said, with the lovely song ‘The Power of Your Love’ going through my mind. Then I asked a little girl where she thought Jesus’ power came from, and she said very seriously, “From God.”  And I thanked her for her beautiful answer, too.

Fortunately, the video clips that followed showed how Jesus used God’s power to save the lives of the disciples when the storm threatened to sink their boat, and how he healed the ten lepers out of his love and compassion for them.

As you would expect, we then considered how we could be super heroes by using our power to help others – and we sang the song ‘Jesus is My Super Hero’ very loudly!

Yet, there’s more to this story, because in the last lesson of my last day at the school, when I asked the Year 2 children where they thought Jesus’ power came from, they gave the very same answers. These children knew for certain that Jesus is a Super Hero, and that his power comes from his loving heart and his heavenly Father. And once again I was moved to tears.


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