Kids Resources 31st of May 2020

This Weeks Kid's Talk Resources

Blind Obstacle Course… You will need to set up an obstacle course for this activity. Use easily available props such as chairs, shoes and even children to set the course. Blindfold one member of your group and have someone lead them by voice commands through a simple course you have set up. Make slight changes each turn to add some excitement. Let your kids have a go at both roles, at being the blindfolded person and the one giving instructions.

Link: Today we have had some fun trying to navigate our way through the obstacle course blindfolded, only listening to the voice of someone we trust. When we are not sure where we are going or can’t see clearly, it is important to listen to someone’s clear instructions. This can be difficult at times, especially when there are other people trying to butt in and also give us instructions. In our day-to-day lives we need to be stopping and listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit who helps guide us and make wise choices, especially when we can’t see where we are going. Today we are going to explore this a litt le bit more by looking at how the Holy Spirit can impact our lives and help us to live more like Jesus.

Make Your Own Peace Dove

Balloon Activity

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