Wednesday 21 February

Mark 3:7-34 Jesus withdrew. He went with his disciples to the lake. Mark shows us how Jesus is gathering strength for his journey. He calls his apostles – twelve of them. One of them will betray him. Someone will ask: why did Jesus call Judas if he knew Judas would...

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Tuesday 20 February

Mark 2:13-3:6 This long passage follows on from yesterday’s story of the healing and forgiveness of the paralytic. It was the first in a series of five controversies or disturbances that Mark has carefully placed in his narrative here. Here’s a summary of the five:...

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Monday 19 February 

Mark 2:1-12 This lovely little story takes place in Jesus’ home town (after he left his family home at Nazareth). Capernaum. In Hebrew the name has a rich variety of meanings. At the simplest level, it could mean just “the village of Nahum”. But the Hebrew language is...

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Weekend 17-18 February

Optional Study: We will resume Mark next Monday. What is all this Ash Wednesday and Lent stuff, really? A little history and word study this weekend. But it will lead us to some worshipful thinking. If you're not interested in this sort of thing, perhaps you could...

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Friday 16 February    

Mark 1:14-45 Today’s reading is a long one. There will be a few of these, as we plan to get through the whole book by Easter Sunday. I chose this long section, though, for two reasons: firstly to show an important element of Mark’s style, and secondly to show...

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Thursday 15 February

Mark 1:9-13 Jesus appears in Mark’s story almost out of nowhere. He just turns up, having come from Nazareth in Galilee. We must go to the other Gospels to find out the story of his birth. Mark’s Jesus comes on the scene fully grown, a Messiah, ready to liberate his...

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Wednesday 14 February

This is the first of a Lenten study on the Gospel of Mark for 2018. The studies are prepared by Dr Graham Leo, for Anglican Church, Robina. This is the pattern that we will be following for the series: The series will be mainly devotional in style, though since my...

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