Alan Mayer writes for us this month:

Parish Council met last week on a Thursday – shortly after  ‘Church in a New Way on a New Day’!

The theme for the service was ‘Resurrection’ which was appropriate because Council spent time looking towards our Annual General Meeting, Lent, Easter and the exciting renewal of the Lakeview Building –  ‘Project CONNECT’!

Of course, we heard about other interesting happenings in the parish including the news that we will be saying farewell to Jeremy Williamson from Parish Council and that there is a bequest in memory of Bernard Edwards.  We discussed how we can support the Easter United Service at HOTA this year and keep faith with those living in local Retirement Homes, especially Cypress Gardens. And we spent time considering such diverse matters as toilets, Rainbow Town, pastoral care and elections – no-one can say that we don’t cast our net wide!

Then we moved on to the serious matter of how we have spent our income last year and approved the budget proposals for 2019. You will find details of all this in the AGM Report which is just out. It makes a really good read!

Next came the really exciting stuff. How do we open up the Lakeview Building so that it can really be at the forefront of our outreach and mission to the people of Robina? We have spent the last year listening to YOUR thoughts on this, commissioning architects and specialist consultants to work up a suitable design and gaining the approval of the Gold Coast City Council, and the Diocese, for our ideas.  We want to turn the space around so that the entrance faces the people – the shops, the Post Office, the bus shelter and passers-by! We want to show that we are a welcoming and active church suitable for everyone. We will mark the way into our site with a new Gateway and replace some of the sterile concrete with restful planting and a safe play space for young and old alike.

In order to do this, we have to move our offices out of Lakeview into Emma Jane Packer House, where Anglicare are at present. We won’t lose Anglicare who will continue their very effective services using different parts of our site.

Nor have we forgotten you, dear reader – we now have new chairs which better allow us to use our multi-purpose worship space as it was originally intended, and we hope to install new and much better screens so that we can actually see the images which Stewart and others so carefully choose to illustrate their sermons week by week.

To set all this up, your Rector, Treasurer and Wardens signed up for a new mortgage-type loan from the Diocese. At Trinity Anglican Mission we have had mortgages from the beginning and together we have worked to pay them down – this one will need us all to do the same. We will need some additional funds to support all that we want to do so that everything can come together as a well-planned whole.

During Lent we will be seeking the right price by seeking contractors by tender to carry out this work and hope to start in earnest shortly after Easter. And that’s where YOU come in.

Lent is a great time for PRAYER and Action so that we can all rejoice with our Risen Lord as we take this next step in the growth of HIS Mission to Robina with the well-funded revitalization of our church site open to all.

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