The visionaries who established the Trinity Anglican Mission complex imagined a church in the market place, seen and recognised as an integral part of the community.

In today’s increasingly secular culture, we cannot take for granted that people will know who we are, what we do and why we do it. We need to reach out, connect and welcome.

Building on the Godly vision of the past, we see a church that makes visible and accessible the relationships that its members are prioritising. One with transparency, accessibility and activity. We see people gathering in many different ways all through the week to make best use of our site with the express purpose of enabling relationships: connecting with God, with our church members and with the community we are called to serve.

Parish Council has endorsed a plan that will strengthen the connection between our physical facilities and the community, primarily through the transformation of the Lakeview building with a new street entrance and opening up the grounds around it. We also plan to further invest in our worship space. This has begun with the purchase of the new chairs before Christmas and will continue by making much needed improvements to our audio-visual equipment.

Project Connect is a costly step financially and stretches us beyond what is comfortable but we are challenged to remain faithful to God’s call and to be generous with the gifts and talents entrusted to us. I’m asking all our members to join me in supporting Project Connect both prayerfully and financially. The harvest is plentiful and the blessings that flow from the relationships we are called to, will be immeasurably greater. This is our church, our vision, our challenge and our journey.

The Vision

We are called to be wise stewards of the resources entrusted to us so the project will be staged over time. Subject to raising the necessary funds we are now calling for tenders for stage one.

Stage One:

• Conversion of the Lakeview building to be a welcoming presence for the community and for flexible use for Parish ministries
• Children’s play area between Lakeview and church building
• Landscaping of street entrance adjacent to Lakeview
• Improvements to our worship space: audio-visual and seating
• Parish Office relocation to main building: releasing Lakeview for ministry

Stage Two:

• Extension of the awning outside the foyer of the church
• Improving the visibility, accessibility and usability of the main entrance to the church and external surrounds

Funding the Vision

The total cost for Stage One is $1.1 million. The Diocese is supporting the project and has approved a $900,000 loan which they and we are confident we can service with an achievable increase in our offerings. We need to fund the remaining $200,000. Already $20,000 has been raised through the ‘chair challenge’ leaving a balance of $180,000. Project costs to date amount to $108,000 including architect, consultants and compliance, and includes the purchase of our new chairs. This has been funded from parish reserves and the ‘chair challenge’.

Our Goal

Raise $180,000 to fund our commitment to the project. On 14 April we will be asking parishioners to commit to supporting the project financially over and above their regular giving.

Pledge Your Support

There will be a special collection and blessing of pledges on the Sunday the 14th of April. However, pledges can be placed in a marked envelope at any time; and either given to the Parish Office or included in the offerings during a service.

Please prayerfully consider what you are able to contribute.

For more details, contact the office on

How else can I be involved?

Please pray for all aspects of the project:

• That our vision for growing our ministries and reaching our community will be enhanced by this development
• For wisdom for Parish Council and the project team
• For safety and smooth running of the building works
• For us not to be distracted from our vision to be a church known for its relationships
• For an increase in boldness and bravery in sharing the good news of Jesus in our local community
• See the displays in the church foyer
• Talk to a member of Parish Council

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