Saviour and King

Reflection by Dale Lennon

I was inspired by our recent series to have a crack at writing a new song about some of the roles of Jesus that we discussed during the series.

But as I began to do so I couldn’t get away from singing Amazing Grace. At first I thought this was unusual. But then I realised there was a reason I was singing Amazing Grace. 

It  is the same reason why so many other people sing Amazing Grace! 

It is beloved, for the words have become synonymous with the saving work of God through Jesus Christ.

Particularly with Jesus being our Saviour. 

How amazing is God’s grace! How amazing is God! We are saved!

As I continued to play the song a simple chorus came out between the traditional verses with the words:

I lift my voice to the Saviour

I lift my voice to the King

I lift my voice to the Saviour

I lift my voice to the King

Jesus is my Saviour, but for His rule and reign to be at work in my everyday life He also needs to be my King.

These are not complex ideas and I think in all honesty that we, as Christians, are looking for something far more complex than what is needed. Often the simple truths, such as Jesus as the  Saviour and King of our lives, have enough depth to last for all of eternity.

This Sunday we are planning to sing this rendition of Amazing Grace during communion at our 9:30am Sunday Service.

It is the same Amazing Grace we have often sung with just a few additions, but my prayer is that as we sing of Jesus as Saviour and King we might continue to be changed by our ongoing discovery of Jesus.

By Amazing Grace.

Much Love



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