Reflection by Dale Lennon

We have new interns!

It is an exciting time for us as a church and this coming Sunday during the services we will introduce you to our new interns.

When I say interns you might be thinking of internships from the admin sector or some other type of short term work opportunity. Although this is somewhat accurate, there are a number of things that make our internships different:

  1. Our overall goal is about growth and not about producing church workers or ministers or meeting KPI’s.
  2. We want to encourage and support our young people as they step out of school into post school opportunities.
  3. Young people are the leaders of today and tomorrow, as we support them we are investing in our future and the future of the church.

We have six interns this year with Kiarni Burton included as she stays on as a senior intern amongst the group.

They are:

Kiarni – Senior Intern
Anika – Youth & Kids Ministry Intern
Abbie – Kids Ministry Intern
Jackson – Creative Ministry Intern
Sarah – Creative Ministry Intern
Amy – Digital Intern

They will be involved to varying degrees as they all have other commitments outside of their internship. That being said it is a wonderful development for our church community and I believe the continuation of some wonderful ministry together.

Some are new faces, but others will be familiar to our church family.

Might I ask you as you read this to pray for our interns by name. It is a big step to consider serving in this way and they will need the leading of the Holy Spirit and wisdom as they do so.

This Sunday why don’t you register for church and come and meet our new interns!

Much Love


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