Reflection by Dale Lennon

When I was 24 I was working as a Scripture Union chaplain in a state high school in Logan.

It had been my high school and I had returned after a number of years to take on the chaplaincy position. It was a wonderful but challenging job.

Jalane and I had been married two years prior and were thinking about the future, but not kids just yet!

I remember thinking that I had my life plan all set, I’d serve a few years in chaplaincy and then transfer into a pastoral role somewhere.

I was leading the Young Adults ministry in my local church and thought that long term I would end up working in a church somewhere.

I knew everything! Well, I thought I did!

Looking back now I realise how much I did not know! God has needed to teach and correct me in a lot of areas since then.

By no means have I finished that journey, but I am amazed at what God has done in me.

I was also pretty fit at 24 and played indoor soccer about twice a week. I had some good friends that I still have to this day and I am eternally grateful for good people who have stuck with me through life’s ups and downs.

Ultimately I believe the greatest lesson I have learnt since then is… I need God!

I cannot do this life without the direction, leading and comfort that a growing relationship with Jesus Christ provides.

Empowered and strengthen by the Holy Spirit.

This is an ongoing journey, and my prayer for the church is that we will identify what is truly important for the steps ahead as we stay in step with the Spirit.

Much love.



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