Reflection by Elroy Mee


If I were proof reading this Blog, the first thing I would say very sternly is, “Elroy, that title is ambiguous! Who or what is wonderful – the women or the Bible Study?”

 And my answer would be, rather smugly, “Both!!”

The women who join with me each Tuesday morning are wonderful women of faith who love their Lord to bits and seek to live out the love commandment on a daily basis. Some of us have been meeting together for years, and I am still discovering the wonderful ways they reach out to help, support, and do what is needed to bless people in need, even if it takes a toll on their health – or might put their safety at risk.

 They are also wonderfully wise, willing to listen to each other, and to have their familiar understanding of the Bible challenged, which can be quite disturbing.  And, of course, each woman brings her individual faith journey, gifts, and personality with her – to enrich our minds, or to have us in hysterics! There is a lot of laughter every time we come together – and I think this is truly wonderful!

Now, for the wonderful Bible Study! We gather together on the verandah on Tuesday mornings  during term time from 9.30 until about 10:40 and then, as obedient members of ACR,  those of us who have time go over to the Town Centre for coffee and a chat.

Sometimes our study might focus on a particular topic, such as the meaning of The Kingdom of God? Or it might be a seasonal topic, such as Bishop Graeme Rutherford’s wonderful Lenten study, ‘The Potter God’.   Or we might study a book from the Bible. Last year, for example, we studied  Acts, and having been totally in awe of St Paul, we chose to study  Romans which, as one scholar confessed, contains passages that can make our head hurt!!

After Easter we will begin exploring the notion of ‘The God who Rests.’ (Genesis 2:1-3) At first I was thinking this would be nice break from the brain strain of Romans! We could enjoy quiet times of reflection and singing sweet songs … then I realised that ‘rest’ occurs 275 times in the Bible, starting in Genesis and ending in Revelation!  WOW! So much exciting stuff to explore! We can still sing some songs, though!

Everything about our faith and the Bible is exciting, and being able to explore these things together is truly wonderful.   And the wonderful women who come together each Tuesday would welcome new ladies very warmly indeed, just as I would.

 If you would like to have a chat with me, I would love to hear from you at

Every blessing,



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