Small Groups

Reflection by Hermann Vorster

Joining a mid-week small group has been an enormously rewarding experience and has helped me make the most of Sunday worship. It offers me time to reflect on the week’s message before coming together with others in our church family to wrestle with the true meaning and historical context of Scripture.

While our Wednesday Bible study group has the benefit of a set reading and some guided questions, the relaxed setting outside Church definitely encourages free-wheeling. I have found the discussions enormously adventurous and – at times – exhilarating as we are led to a deeper understanding of and relationship with our Lord and Saviour.

I am sure we would all experience Bible study differently. For me, it truly is like going on an expedition with friends; cutting through historical misconceptions, pushing through to the truth to uncover fresh new insight and gathering those treasures that moth and rust cannot corrupt. It also serves as welcome correction when there are wrong turns!

Sometimes we get through all of the questions and have the full benefit the author intended for us, and sometimes we may dwell only on a few within the hour. But the resources are excellent and can definitely be used for personal study. That said, it’s not all about Scripture. There is so much to be gained by gathering with members of the church family in fellowship. It is an opportunity to seek out each other’s counsel and to provide support to one another as the week’s challenges peak.

Reflecting on my experience being part of a small group, I cannot help but feel many would benefit from gathering together in this way. I really see it as a core part of the Christian experience and something that we are called to do. At the risk of quoting Scripture out of context, surely, we can take something from this:

“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. – Matthew 18:20”

I also think it’s an opportunity for us, the parishioners, to help enliven the aspiration of our church to be “known for its relationships”. Plainly, that can’t happen if we’re not first taking the time to build relationships amongst each other across and outside our respective service times. And there are few better settings than a small group where we gather intentionally.

My thanks to the Ministry team for supporting small groups at Robina Anglican. I hope many are encouraged to seek out a group and to support this amazing ministry.

Hermann Vorster


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