Reflection by Jane Andrews

Hello! As one of the newest additions to the Parish Council, I thought it was fitting that I write a little reflection on how I came to the role, and my impressions as a whole. As a lover of the English comedy Vicar of Dibley, I came into the meeting with a few preconceived notions as to what Parish Council was, and what my role would eventually become. Those preconceived notions were far from the truth, and yet I came away from the meeting with a newfound love and respect for the Church and the work being done within it. 

I was asked by Stewart to become a member of the Parish Council one month ago, and on Wednesday I had my first meeting. I was filled with a few nerves about what the role would mean, and if I had anything worthwhile to contribute to the decision-making process. However, within a few minutes, my nerves had calmed as everyone put me at ease. I was amazed at how seamlessly the decision-making mechanisms operated alongside faith. The prayers and bible verse guided our discussions. As someone who has not experienced that in a formal committee setting I was strengthened by the commitment to God in this room.

Our overarching endeavour as a church is to be known for its relationships, and throughout the meeting I was cognisant of this as a fixture in all discussions. There is a heavy emphasis on working on connecting with members of our community both inside and outside the church and working to serve and glorify God through all our opportunities. No matter what agenda item was discussed, there was a common understanding that our mission was oriented toward our faith, and how that was lived through our church. 

I have been an intern at this church for eighteen months, and I have gained an appreciation for serving God in different ways. At Sunday School, we recently did a lesson on not underestimating the power of your actions. Sometimes I find myself being reminded of the Sunday school lessons a few times after I have taught it, and Wednesday night was no exception. I came away from the meeting after hearing about the amazing work of our parishioners recognising that no matter how you serve, there is power in your actions when used for the service of God.

I hope that in the next meeting this will be forefront in my mind, and I cannot wait for next month.

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