Reflection By Lynne Farrar

Embracing Change

Changes creating new realities are something we cannot avoid. 

Some changes are planned, anticipated with excitement and easy to embrace with enthusiasm. We have all experienced these. 

Others come about through circumstances beyond our control. These are often more difficult to embrace, and we find ourselves going through times of challenging thoughts and emotions which can leave us feeling sad, angry, frustrated, confused, isolated and lonely.

As I reflect on the life of Anglican Church Robina over the last few months, I am conscious of both ‘planned’ and ‘beyond our control’ changes. I am also aware that changes which are welcomed and embraced by some in the Church family might be the very same changes that other members of the family find difficult. 

Project Connect (Stages 1and 2) have been completed on time and budget. To view photos of our new spaces click here. We have seen the physical changes of new auditorium chairs, screens and sound system. The Parish Office has moved. The Lakeview building is now open to Robina Town Centre Drive and a new look Church entrance and garden, with enclosed children’s play area, has been established. A coffee cart has arrived.

 Along with these come  the changes of working in an open plan office, fees being charged for bookable spaces, a new playgroup venue, the uncertainty surrounding the use of the new areas and the yet to be identified possibilities for how we might engage with the Robina Community to build relationships.

  As we grapple with the changes and the new realities they bring about, I believe that the best thing we can do is to hold onto the word of God that tells us that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13.8).

Parish Council met last Friday night. Agenda items included: our Parish Diocesan contribution for 2020; a Parish contribution towards the provision of Christian Religious Instruction in Schools; a review of the new Rainbow Town Early Learning Centre Constitution; an expression of interest to be considered regarding a Resource Church in the Diocesan Resource Church Program; decisions around booking procedures and hire charges for bookable spaces; security systems; and planning for the Parish Open Day on November 16th and Christmas 2019!


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