Reflection by Parish Councillor, Steve Ayres

So here I am, a new Parish Councillor, not new to committees but new to this one. Up comes an agenda item and I am being asked by Stewart to write a reflection…hmm! Reports, proposals, tender responses, project plans, happy with all of those, but a reflection!

Ok here goes; what has this last week been all about? I know, I’ll reflect on giving! Here I sit with my fellow councillors, giving of our time. Its been a full day at work but we are still here giving.

Here comes another agenda item, how did Easter go? 15 services over the Easter period, what a huge amount given by the Ministry Team, reflect on how we the congregation might give a little slack over the next week or so to let the Team re-charge!

Next agenda item – pledges! Wow what an affirmation of faith this congregation has made through these pledges. Stewart will share the good news at the Sunday service.

So, we have had the Easter services and the project, what other giving? Ah yes, Easter, all about giving really. No, not eggs and bunnies but life itself! Giving of a life for us, what greater giving could there be?

Next morning, down at the beach, in the sunshine, remembering all those who have given their lives so that we can live freely on Earth. Free in this world and in the next, it’s all just giving isn’t it?

Lest we forget.


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