I do hope you are feeling excited about the realisation of the plans for Project Connect. I know many of those who were part of our church in the early stages of the original development have commented about how we are coming closer to the original vision for our community. Embedded in the original vision, however, is a word that we need to pay attention to and that word is ‘Mission’. After all, our name is still Trinity Anglican Mission

I have been passionate that we should not limit our focus to just ourselves and I’ve been encouraged that Parish Council have shared this vision. In the last 6 months we’ve committed to supporting financially a church plant in the growing northern region of the Gold Coast and we are contributing to the overall cost of running the exciting Easter United event at the Broadwater Parklands in the afternoon and evening of Easter Day.

I strongly believe if we are only focusing on our own success, our own interest and our growth then this narrow view will ultimately lead to stagnation and decline. We are privileged to be part of an amazing kaleidoscope of churches and ministries that show and share the love of Jesus across the world.

As we begin to receive Project Connect pledges and will next week be collecting and praying for our pledges we do have an exciting opportunity. As part of our commitment to go out, to focus on those outside of ourselves and to be grounded in the biblical principle of tithing, Parish Council has approved that 10% of all pledges will be committed to Mission work. 

We do of course have our own expressions of mission within our church community with strong relationships and history of support with our 3 Mission Partners: ABM, BCA and St John’s Crisis Care. We are also building a strong connection through our Children’s Program with Rescue Mission. But my hope is that, through our generosity and as part of our vision, will be a potential realised to extend and expand our support of not just these amazing ministries but also other local, national and international ministries.

I have become aware that many of you are passionate about mission in lots of different ways. Passion and personal connection, in my humble opinion, strengthens our collective ownership and commitment to mission. So I would like to invite you to prayerfully consider how we might be able to best use these funds to strengthen our support of missions. If you have an idea or a particular agency or ministry that you are passionate about, would you please either let me know or write me a quick email or speak to one of our Parish Councillors.

I look forward not only to the completion of our own project but also revealing how we will continue to support the wider church and the care we are called to provide to all humankind.

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