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Reflection by Rev’d Stewart

On Sunday 28th of April, I announced at our Sunday services that our church family had pledged $224,460 towards Project Connect, an overwhelmingly generous amount! I am pleased to provide a further update, that that amount has increased to $238,860.

People have prayerfully, faithfully and generously pledged to give in a variety of ways over differing periods of time, some up front, some monthly, and others, like our family are giving an amount on an annual basis. Knowing this information will help with planning the parish’s cash flow and meeting expectations of the revitalisation project. Over the coming weeks I will be making contact with all who have pledged to personally thank them for their generosity and also ensure that we have the right information. These amounts will continue to remain confidential and my memory is not the best so I already don’t remember the detail of what individuals have specifically given! I am also aware that the generosity is not limited to financial support with many continuing to pray for our church, its future and specifically for Project Connect. 

There will be many ways to continue to support this project financially, spiritually and practically. It is a steep mountain to climb but we have begun with great momentum! 

We have benefitted from the installation of new screens over the last 2 weeks and while we are still trying to decipher some of the technical issues with our configuration and presentation software, the impact is immediately obvious. In the coming weeks we will be replacing some of the infrastructure of the sound system which will probably have little identifiable impact to the average person in the church but will allow greater flexibility, control and also allow us to “pre-set” for our different sound and musical requirements for each of the different ways we gather as a church.

Our Project Control Group which is made up of 3 church members and 2 Diocesan representatives are in the final stages of negotiating with the preferred tenderer and we hope to be able to share with you some logistics around start dates and methodologies for the building works in the next few weeks. 

This project is part of our vision to be a church known for its relationships and provides significant synchronicity with our mission to connect, grow and serve. 

It is certainly not too late to make a pledge and if you need more information, are new or have missed some of the information around Project Connect, brochures are still available in our church foyer and information is easily accessible on our website. Additional pledges will strengthen our ability to meet the financial obligations of the project, will enable us to ensure that our operational cash flow is not impacted and enable us to continue to be open to the ways that God is calling us to bravely respond to the big vision laid before us.

Ten percent of pledged amounts received will be used to support mission work and Parish Council will consider how funds will be distributed and to which organisations in coming meetings. Generosity should never be just for our benefit but for the glory of God and the benefit of others so we will be continued to be challenged on our generosity as we move forward with this project and beyond.

Again can I say thank you! Can I also encourage you to continue to pray and also continue to share the great stories that are becoming such an integral part of who we are as a church. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask myself or one of our friendly parish councillors.


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