It doesn’t seem that long ago to me… but it was Trinity Sunday in 2014, my first Trinity Sunday with you at this church, that we officially launched the church’s current vision:

We are called to be a church known for its relationships:
Our relationship with God 
Our relationship with each other
Our relationship with our world

Even if you weren’t there back then, my hope & prayer is that you’ve realised the word “relationship” is very important to us as a church. 

If you travel around Australia you’ll often find an Anglican Church in the centre of town and a Catholic Church at the top of the hill. So it made sense as the community of Robina was being established, those looking to establish a new home for the local Anglican community would gravitate towards the centre of the new business district that would become Robina Town Centre.

But times, culture and church attendance patterns have changed considerably over the years and people no longer come to any church because they know where it is, it’s close by, or because of any perceived cultural expectations. The biggest churches are now often found in industrial estates or converted warehouse or retail spaces. People are prepared to travel a number of suburbs for the right church… but sadly going to any church is not a serious consideration for most people these days.

Just because we are exceptionally well located, did not and still does not, in and of itself, guarantee us a successful and growing church. Our 2014 vision positioned us to put aside our reliance on position, position, position and focus on relationship, relationship, relationship.

Being accountable to this vision has seen the church grow considerably in this time but most importantly we are building deeper and more effective relationships. But there is much more we can and are called to do.

For most of this year I have been praying through our vision and have felt an increasing unsettledness that the words need to sharpen, the intention needs to be clearer & that we cannot give into the temptation of comfort.

So it is time for new words to hold us to account for the next season of our life together. This Sunday is Trinity Sunday again, it is 5 years later and we are about to begin a revitalisation of our site.

God is giving us new words to pray over, new words to be accountable to, and new words to be challenged by. Relationships will always be part of our identity but now is the time for even more…

I hope you can make it this weekend to share together for this special day.

Sunday Services:

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9:30am - Family Worship

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