Reflection by Rev’d Stewart

Well the long wait is finally over. We had confirmation on Thursday that the contract has been signed by both the builder and the Diocese. We anticipate building works to begin at the Robina Town Centre Drive side of our church on Monday 22nd of July. If you are new to our church family this is our exciting redevelopment ‘Project Connect’ which will open our spaces practically and visibly to the the wider community. Brochures are available and plans are visible in the foyer of our church for further information, or you can go to robinaanglican.com/projectconnect

This has been long prayed for, much time and energy has already been committed and we have been blessed with the overwhelming generosity as many in our church have committed to support this project financially.

It’s time to see this part of our vision begin to come to life. It is important to remember that our buildings and grounds are not our vision in and of itself. Our buildings and grounds are the servant of our vision which I restated on Trinity Sunday as:

Revealing more of God
Through who we are
Because of who God is

We are expecting to see Even More of what has been revealed to us over the last almost 22 years as a church community gathered on this site in Robina.

There are some practicalities to consider over the next 12 to 13 weeks.

The builders have sectioned off a small section of our car park which should have minimal impact through the week but there will be slightly less parking on Sunday so please make sure you allow a couple of extra minutes to find a park on a Sunday morning. 

Anglicare will continue to deliver its programs in other parts of our church, and it will be exciting to see more of their activities and interact with both their staff and clients. There has been some reshuffling of parish activities and our ability to do anything ‘extra’ is greatly reduced until the build is complete. In order to ensure the continuity of Anglicare’s service and in acknowledgement of the strength of the relationship we have developed over the years, we have prioritised some of their activities over ours. 

Throughout the week there will be tradesmen on site and I would expect some audible noise when passing by. We would ask you to take some extra caution and also would appreciate your patience for what we anticipate to be a 12/13 week period. John Westera will be our very capable parish contact between the builder and the parish during construction.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our Business Manager Andrea or myself.

I am excited that we will be seeing even more of God at work in and through us as we enter a new season of church life.



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