Reflection by Rev’d Stewart

Happy New Year! Welcome to the first blog of 2020. My one resolution this year is not to be one of the multitude of people who are already taking the opportunity of referencing the year 2020 & the word ‘Vision’ in a corny, Dad-Joke kind of way… not that there’s anything wrong with Dad Jokes!

I am excited, however, about the year ahead. I’m very excited that there will be no building projects this year for one, but I am mostly excited about how God might be able to use us to build on the strong foundations of not just the last year but also on previous years. I do believe this year we will be able to do even more to grow, even more to reach out and to strengthen our relationships even more than we have previously.

This coming Sunday we launch our new theme for 2020: Truth for our time; Truth for all time. We will be working through what this actually means over the next few Sundays so I would encourage you not to miss a Sunday or if you do, catch up on the sermon with the podcast. This Sunday we are also trialling barista made coffee between the services and after the 9:30am in the Lakeview building as well as our normal hospitality. It is a great opportunity for our 9:30am family to come early and grab a coffee before church (who knows we may get more people on time this way!!)

One of the things I do love about our church and the Gold Coast in January is that, unlike many other churches in other areas at this time of year, we seem to have at least as many people as we usually have throughout the year. Typically in other areas January is a ‘low season’ for church attendance, mostly because many people are away. But on the Gold Coast we seem to collect more than our share of those people who are looking for a church to attend on Sunday. January is a time of population transition and growth on the Gold Coast as people move into the area for work and family reasons. There are still many of those people who are looking to build a relationship with a local church as part of their relocation. God willing we will continue to see, as we did last week, both visitors and new comers in our community throughout January.

Can I encourage all of us ‘regulars’ to be particularly attentive to those who you don’t know or recognise. Not in a way that is overwhelming or inauthentic but just be yourself, the person God has called you to be. Share your name, invite them for a barista made coffee, maybe even shout them one! I know many of us are proud of our gift to welcome and include but I am believing that we can be even more welcoming and inclusive in 2020.


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