Reflection by Steve Ayres (Parish Council)


A definition of resources: “A stock or supply of money, materials, staff and other assets that can be drawn on by a person or organisation in order to function effectively”.

During this week’s Parish Council meeting a couple of items came up regarding resources. We have been asked to support other churches who are struggling and we have been selected to be a Resource Church under a diocesan initiative! Oh and I also agreed to write this blog!

What does a being a Resource Church mean? This was the announcement from the Diocese:

“Inspired by a similar project in the Church of England, the Anglican Church Southern Queensland has launched a three-year ‘Resource Churches Pilot Project’ as part of our strategic framework to enable parish health and growth. The following eight churches have been selected following a self-assessment and an open expression of interest process: The Parish of St Bart’s, Toowoomba (led by The Rev’d Adam Lowe); The Parish of Ipswich (led by The Rev’d Stephen McMahon); The Parish of Robina (led by The Rev’d Stewart Perry); The Parish of Kangaroo Point (led by The Rev’d Canon Gary Harch); The Parish of Springfield (led by The Rev’d Charles Lacey); The Parish of Waterloo Bay (led by The Rev’d Scott Gunthorpe); St John’s Cathedral (led by The Very Rev’d Dr Peter Catt); and The Parish of Caboolture (led by The Rev’d Avriel Green).” To read the whole article to find out more about Resource Churches, go to

In Parish Council we often focus on tangible things like money for projects, people to do things, assets to be utilised. We are either looking to give or receive these things – which all seems right and proper – we live in a material world don’t we?

This got me thinking about the other meaning for resource “an action or strategy which may be adopted in adverse circumstances”. Well life certainly delivers those! So where do I turn to implement my action or strategy? When the material world can’t help anymore – the doctors haven’t got a cure – no amount of time or things can fix the problem – I turn to the non-material world – the spiritual world and draw upon the intangible resource of the support of God. It may not be “all right in the end” or “all fixed” but I will not despair on the journey. My action or strategy draws upon the greatest resource of all, the love and support of God.

There for the taking – you just have to ask – God is the resource you can really rely on!


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