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Reflection by Stewart Perry

42… that’s the magic number at the moment. 

Following the Premier’s announcement on Tuesday we are now in Stage 3 of COVID-19 Restrictions. But we are still a long way from ‘normal’.

It has taken a few days to digest all the information and we received the advice and directions from the Diocese late Thursday afternoon. While there is a few different ways our parish can chose to go, if we want to include communal singing in our worship we will have to continue to abide by the 7m2 rule until the government advises us otherwise. This means the capacity in our auditorium is 42 people.

You will still have to preregister to attend onsite worship and this Sunday and next Sunday there will continue to be pre-recorded worship available both online and onsite. Following the onsite worship there will continue to be a short service of Holy Communion in one kind only (bread and no wine) for those who wish to receive.

July 19th will be our first “live” services so please keep that date in your prayers as we continue to prepare and test technology. God and government willing the restrictions may have eased further and we will be better able to use our other spaces on site. Online resources and services will continue to be available for those who are unable to attend or would prefer to stay online. Our intention is that this will be an ongoing feature in the life of our church.

Parish Council meets tonight to discuss further details moving forward so please keep them in your prayers. There is much detail to decipher and many decisions to be made. We are conscious that many are and do continue to feel vulnerable and we want to make the most appropriate as well as loving and caring decisions we can.

We are going to need to mobilise our whole church in roles of service moving forward. If you are willing and able to help please register your interest and intent by emailing [email protected]. There will be much to do and everyone will be critical whether you are gathering onsite or online we do need you to be as active as you can be.

It could be easy to interpret the information we heard on Tuesday differently, I’ve already had to explain to a number of people that we cannot go to 100 because our building is not big enough and that limits do not apply universally. It strikes me that it can be dangerous when we don’t have all the information yet that is how we often form our opinions – with incomplete information. 

As followers of Jesus we are compelled to continue to search for the truth and reveal the truth, particularly in dark times and places. Can I encourage you to continue to ask questions, share stories, seek answers and share ideas with each other. Our faith does not mean we need to shut off our inquiring minds – quite the opposite, our faith compels us to seek to reveal the truth, not so we can prove ourselves right, but so we can allow the truth to benefit others.

Let’s continue to seek the truth as we grow together in these times.

See you as Church!



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