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Reflection by Stewart Perry

This week our church has had to sign up for the Industry Plan which will allow us to have worship and activities onsite under stage 3 in Queensland. I have read through the Industry Plan and I think Andrea our amazing Business Manager has read through it more times than she would like to have… 

There are a number of requirements that make perfect sense but there are a number that make no sense at all. I was discussing this with one of our church members this morning before Morning Prayer and I made the off-handed comment: “It’s a bit like the Anglican liturgy; if you don’t know why it’s there it doesn’t make a lot of sense.”

I’m sure those who put together the Stage 3 Industry Plan made each of the requirements and restrictions after careful consideration, with all available knowledge and the right mindset to keep our community as safe as it can possibly be. But without the benefit of explanation, people like myself and Andrea can’t quite understand why all the particular restrictions and requirements are there. 

“The Why” – it matters.

Similarly those who constructed the 1662 Anglican liturgy and those who followed after them with amendments and changes had very good reasons for what is included and excluded, what is optional and what is essential. But without continued explanation, it is difficult for even professionals like me to understand why it is the way it is, let alone the average church member in a church building or online. It is particularly important for us to be explaining what we do and why we do it in worship so that people can more fully enter into it.

One of the challenges of this season is to clearly communicate “The Why”. When people understand “the why” they are more likely to comply, more likely to be understanding, more likely to show compassion and empathy, more likely to be involved.

We’ve tried really hard to communicate “the why” with blogs like this, our regular mid week updates and other communication but I know we have not been as effective as we’d like. I know this because I bump into people who are our church in places like Robina Town Centre and they ask me questions like: “When are we going back to normal?”  “When is church starting again?”

Even though I think I’ve said a number of times in a number of different ways that: “We are not going back to normal” and that we will restart “onsite” worship on the 19th of July, I’m doing my best to keep smiling and keep explaining the why. But it is tiring and it doesn’t always sink in. But that is the role of a leader and I will, in God’s strength and the Spirit’s power, persist with telling the “why”.

So if you’re not sure ask – I’m pretty good at it by now!

We all have a really important role in explaining “the why”. Your “why” – it matters. Why you do what you do, why you believe what you believe – it matters! When people find out what motivates you in your faith then they not only understand you better but they are more open to explore their own “why”.

I think everyone has been asking the question “why?” over and over lately. As they seek to answer these questions there is an opportunity for God, through the Holy Spirit working through us, to answer that question with the simple answer – Jesus.

If our why kept coming back to Jesus then I have no fear for us personally or us as a church family. 

This week I would challenge you to bring your questions of “why” back to the answer: Jesus. In your wrestling know that you are making a difference, your answer matters and your example is the primary way that others can answer their questions of “why” with: Jesus!


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