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Reflection by Stewart Perry

You do have to wear many hats when you are a Church Leader. In the last few months I’ve discovered there are many new hats that I never expected I would have to wear as a Church Leader. I mean I would never in my wildest dreams have imagined that I would ever contemplate creating, editing and voicing cartoons for Kids Ministry and Church information… but these here are crazy times!

I actually own a lot of physical hats, mostly golf caps, but there’s plenty of other head coverings that I have available for specific purposes. I’ll wear a hide brim hat for long times in the sun, I have a couple of beanies for the cold weather – but I’ve never thought I look good in a beanie so I’m reluctant to wear them.

One of the Church Leader hats that I’ve never thought I look good in and am reluctant to wear is the ‘Cranky Priest’ hat. I’ve always said “nobody likes a cranky priest…” but it’s a hat I feel like I have been wearing far too often lately… I find myself all too often telling people to move away from each other and not to touch each other…

I am hoping that I can put this hat away for good soon but to do so I will need your help!

For our Church to function in this challenging environment, we have had to sign up to what is known as an ‘Industry Plan’. The Anglican Church Southern Queensland has a number of separate requirements in addition to that too. There are a number of things under these plans and requirements that are easy to understand and make perfect sense, there are a few things that leave you scratching your head.

The reality is though, if we want to function, we must comply, otherwise we risk not only our community but also other churches and the health and welfare of the wider community.

Whether you are committed to coming onsite, committed to online community, or just not sure, I can assure you that no-one is being singled out and we are not trying to make things any more difficult than they already are and we are believing and praying that through these trials our community will be strengthened and refined so that we build a platform for revival.

Can I encourage you to check out our simple instructional videos that are on our mid-week email as well as our Facebook page. There is one for coming onsite and there is another for staying online.

But simply put, if we can follow some simple instructions and if we can not get caught up in our discomfort and inconvenience we’ll not only ensure no cranky priests but we will allow God the opportunity to work in us and use us for Kingdom Work in this time.

I look forward to seeing you as Church this Sunday both in person and online, wear whatever hat you like but make sure you allow yourself to be prepared to worship!

Have a great week.


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