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Reflection by Stewart Perry

We do seem to be bombarded by information in our world at the moment. There is so much that changes on a weekly, daily, if not hourly basis. With different information applying to different types of people in different parts of the country it is extra tricky.

I was watching the news this morning and they were announcing new restrictions and I had to really stop and check to see where those restrictions applied… was it Victoria, was it New South Wales, was it Queensland or was it the whole of Australia… in the end it was New South Wales but if I wasn’t paying particular attention I know I could have misheard or misunderstood and if I wasn’t watching at all I would have missed the information completely.

I know that not everyone is keeping up to date with all the changing information that is relating to our church. How do I know you may ask… well because of the number of times I have had to and the number of times our staff team has told me they have had to retell, reframe and explain information that has been previously communicated.

I have absolutely no doubt that not everyone will read this blog…

It does get frustrating when you have to repeat yourself over and over, it is also frustrating that the message has to change over and over again… it is equally frustrating for the recipient of the information if they overlook a message, they miss a change in the information or they feel left out for any particular reason.

In this type of environment of information overload it is easy to retreat into our own cocoon of focus and wonder why everything seems to be conspiring against us to make it even harder than it should.

But know one thing – God is on your side and with you.

But know one more thing – God is on the side of others, not just you and is always with them.

As much as we should all have Jesus as our personal saviour we have to be sure we don’t create the message that Jesus only belongs to us – Jesus love is for all.

Like a number of the parables we can sometimes feel aggrieved when God’s focus seems to be elsewhere, when the Holy Spirit seems to be working through others and not me.

You matter to God – but all the other people in the world matter just as much as I do… and that means I need to make sure that I don’t hold on to the message of good news so tightly that I do not release it for the benefit of others.

The information we receive from Jesus, the good news and the good message is just for us but it is just for everyone and because of this we need to be really conscious that we share this news in a way that makes it accessible to all.

The information about God’s love, grace and compassion can never overload us – it should overwhelm us and cause it to spill over into the lives of others.

I pray you have a week full of Good News!



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