Reflection by Stewart Perry

I know I shouldn’t be surprised by this but I was kind of taken aback when I was reminded this morning that Spring is only a couple of days away… I have certainly become more acclimatised and have found myself feeling the cold more this year than I have before… I do often joke that living in Queensland has made me soft!

When Leanne mentioned that Anika had plans to go to the beach for a swim today I scoffed thinking privately to myself – how stupid would it be to swim in this weather… but the weather is forecast to get to the mid twenties today and I do remember a time when I would have thought that would be perfect swimming weather!

When you look around at the temperatures across Australia you do see wild fluctuations and although we are all in the same season we experience it very differently. It’s all relative really isn’t it?

I think it’s important to acknowledge that we are in a particular season at the moment as we are all experiencing the impact of this global pandemic. We can thank God that we don’t live in Victoria, or the United States of America or India or other parts of the world in which the virus has taken a much stronger hold. But it doesn’t mean that we are immune from the coldness of the season.

I think all of us are living on the edge of anxiety wondering what will happen next. Will things stay the same for a while, will they relax and improve or will they regress back to tighter restrictions. Many of us have friends and family experiencing things in ways that seem much more extreme than we are going through but to continuously comfort ourself with the narrative that there is always someone worse off than you, will in the end leave us unsatisfied.

I am reminded of the beautiful poetry we find in the book of Ecclesiastes and in particularly the bit that reminds us that “there is a time for everything under the sun” (Ecclesiastes 3). Yes there will always be someone who is doing it tougher than you but it is important to name the season that we are in, to be aware of our feelings, to name what we are going through. To become aware of how we are impacted by the season we are in is critical to how we are able to move through it.

Prayer is a powerful tool for self awareness. It can be a way to quietly and privately name to God exactly how we feel while at the same time become aware that it is impacting others as well. In prayer we discover that God actually already knows and that by opening ourselves up to the comfort and love of God we can be more equipped to meet the season we face. In a way without prayer we will never be ‘dressed appropriately for the season’.

There is so much to pray for at the moment but take time to pray for yourself and to become aware of not only the season you are in but how God is with you and equipping you for it.

Bring on Spring I say and I pray!




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