Reflection by Stewart Perry

The world has changed A LOT since I last wrote to you all… and I didn’t think the rate of change could get any faster but it has. There is a general sense of being overwhelmed at the moment so the one thing I am praying most fervently, is for that peace that passes all understanding that our Saviour Jesus Christ has promised us.

I am, as Church Leader, and we are as a whole Church, so blessed to have extraordinary staff. In both our Church staff team & our Rainbow Town team. They have demonstrated selfless generosity, worked tirelessly while dealing with the extraordinary stress in their own personal situations, and rallied together. I am aware of how many have worked enormous hours for no reward and little tangible appreciation. In such uncertain times they have sacrificially thought of others before themselves. On behalf of Parish Council, which met on Wednesday night, can I give our most heartfelt thanks for all you have done and continue to do in the life of our Church and Rainbow Town. You are each an inspiration! If I could walk around and hug each of you I would and I know each member of Parish Council feels the same way!

Rainbow Town is working closely with the Anglican Schools Commission to ensure we are able to continue both operationally and financially with an expectation that regardless of the escalating stages, Child Care Centres will be asked to remain open in some capacity. This is a significant prayer point as we are yet to receive clarity from the government. We are hoping this may come early next week.

For the church, Parish Council identified 2 main priorities. We realise there is much more that can and will be done, but these are our short term focus areas:

  1. The pastoral care and connection of our parish.
  2. Providing a continuity of worship.

There is an extraordinary learning curve at the moment so can I please ask a few things of you as the shape of our church begins to change. I know people are wanting to do something so these are things that you can tangibly do right now:

  1. Stay in touch with us and each other
  2. Think of people who might be missed and let us know or seek them out yourself
  3. Pray, read, reflect and saturate yourselves in God’s word
  4. Be patient as we try new things – they won’t all work but please give us constructive feedback on what works and what can improve but be patient as we are learning ‘on the run’ how to do most things.

I would love to hear from you all personally too, my phone number is 0421 421 521, my email is [email protected], I am on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I can also Zoom or FaceTime. Do not hesitate to reach out if you need anything, have any concerns or just need to hear a familiar voice. My greatest joy is continue to serve my Church.

I hope to see you at your normal service time of 7:30am or 9:30am. I will actually be with you online at those times and pray you can be.

Remember that our hope is in Christ alone!  

With every blessing and all my love!



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