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Reflection by Stewart Perry

Are you ready for Christmas?

Well, as the old song goes ‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’.  In fact it has been looking a lot like Christmas for at least a month now, and I  hear a lot of people saying things like, “With the year we’ve had we just need Christmas to come early.”

But are we ready?

Advent is a season of both preparation and expectation and a time to ready ourselves spiritually for the next season ahead.

Way back in 2004 I wrote my first ever Christmas song (which is actually more of an Advent song) which is ironically titled ‘Are you ready?’ It’s a simple song with just one verse, a chorus and a bridge. The words of the verse are:

Are you ready to meet a king?

Have you got room to let Him in?

Are you willing to change your life?

To move on over let him pay the price.

I actually think that this year, more than ever, we need to be ready for this type of King and this type of challenge. I do hope you are able to really engage with our community this Advent as there is room for you to gather onsite as well as online each Sunday. I do hope you find time to stop, read, pray and reflect during this time. I pray you are inspired to share your thoughts, feelings and reflections with others, particularly after our series ‘God is Possible – Our Mission’. Above all I do hope you are open to the King of Kings changing your life anew.

We will make a more fulsome announcement next week, but for a sneak peak at our Christmas program – keep reading…

Sunday 13th of December 5pm – Blue Christmas Service

A Blue Christmas Service is particularly designed for those who have found this year, or who usually find Christmas, difficult. This year that is likely to be most of us. This will be a fully digital service but we will host those who would like to be together in the church building. The service will be available online from this date throughout the Christmas season.

Sunday 20th of December 5pm – Christmas Reflections

Had enough of screens and technology to last you a lifetime? Long for those days when you could gather the family around the piano, sing carols and tell the story of Christmas? Well have we got something for you! This will be a ‘technology free’ service with no screens, no lights, no microphones. Just the church family gathering together to celebrate Christmas.

Christmas Eve 3:30pm – Children’s Service

We have a history in this service of lots of people, lots of interaction and lots of fun. This year will be no different in that respect – we will just need to be more creative in a covid- safe way. We are encouraging families to join both onsite and online for what is always a highlight of the Christmas season.

Christmas Eve 6:00pm – Contemporary Christmas Service 

When we introduced this service a few years ago it was an instant success. It has the contemporary feel of a 9:30am service with all the Christmas trimmings. The service will include Holy Communion.

Christmas Eve 11:00pm – Midnight Mass

This is a traditional favourite with candlelight, traditional carols and Holy Communion. If you’ve never experienced this service, this year might be the one to go because, based on previous years, we do have capacity to grow this service slightly.

Christmas Day 8:30am – Christmas Day Celebration

This service will have something for everyone – a sense of the tradition, the contemporary, and something for the young and the young at heart. It will also include Holy Communion.

Sunday 27th of December 8:30am – Combined Service

We will have one only service on this Sunday. We will continue the Christmas theme for this special Sunday service.




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