Reflection by Rev’d Stewart

Well, the builders have left the building and the final touches are being put on Project Connect to allow it to be fully connected. Or I should rephrase that… to allow us to be fully connected. We have tried to emphasise throughout the project that the changes, alterations and additions to our buildings and grounds won’t actually do the hard work of connection – that hard work is up to the people of this church.

In saying that, there has been a noticeable increase in people walking by and actually noticing our site, and only yesterday we had 2 different people indicate that they felt drawn to the church and intend to come and worship with us in coming weeks.

As we await the final touches to be completed, and the final decisions to be made as to how we will best make use of this amazing space, what should we do? In a single word, I think we should pray.

I am aware of a number of people within our church community who have been praying faithfully throughout this project. And before I go any further, can I say that prayers have already been answered. The building works have been completed well ahead of schedule and, from the information that I have been given, we are still within budget.

Prayer actually matters. Prayer actually makes a difference.

Can I encourage you to pray purposefully for our church. Can we pray for the existing groups in our church that the improved visibility and functionality in this new space may strengthen and grow their times together. Can we pray that God will stir up within our community new ideas and new ways that we can gather together. Can we pray for Anglicare, their clients and their services, that their programs will transition smoothly and effectively into different areas of our church. Can we pray for the leadership of our church, that they might make wise decisions in terms of the good functioning and stewardship of the resources we have at hand. Can we pray in a way that allows God to speak into our own personal dreams, hopes and desires for our church, that we might be attentive to God’s leading directing and redirecting.

Finally, can we be so bold to pray for the people of Robina and those who visit Robina – particularly for the thousands who walk and drive past our church on a weekly basis. Can we pray that they may respond to our visibility, our welcome, and our openness. Can we pray that they may see Jesus through our efforts to connect with them. Can we pray that even more people will come to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.


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