We believe that every young person is unique and we strive to help each and  everyone of them to find their God given purpose in life

We provide a range of options for the youth of our Church to be involved in. From serving as leaders, to hanging out at IGNITE Youth. We also do youth socials, faith education and much more. Have a look below at what we may be able to offer you.

Signup for Online Sunday School/Youth Below! (High School Aged)

Upon signup the email provided will be added to an upcoming Microsoft Teams invite for either Sunday School or Youth or both!

This is for High School Aged young people.


IGNITE Youth meets every Thursday evening of the school term from 5:00pm-7pm that includes our Thursday evening service with an option of dinner afterwards as a group.  It is designed to be a fun and God focussed environment with the goal to see young people engage with faith.  The following verse exemplifies what we want for our young people:

For you O Lord, are my hope,
my trust, O Lord, from my youth.  Psalm 71:5

Holiday Social Events

These are fun activities for our young people to connect during their school break.

 Stay tuned!


We have a number of pathways to leadership within our church which seek to meet each young person where they are and challenge them to grow in faith and maturity.

We’re passionate about helping our young people to discern and develop their gifts and talents. Just ask us if you want to know more!

Sunday Mornings

Our young people are regularly involved in Sunday worship, but there is also allocated time for year 7-9 students to have targeted learning, discipleship and fellowship within the 9:30am Sunday Service.

For more information about Youth activities and programs contact:
Dale Lennon, Director of Youth, Young Adults and Music on (07) 5618 8234 

Protection of Children (Policy and Procedures)

We as a church believe in safeguarding and protecting our children and our policy and procedures for this can be found here.

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