Kid’s Hope Reflection by Isabelle

I will start by acknowledging how grateful I am that our ministry team supports our church’s participation in the Kids Hope mentoring program, and how grateful I am for the opportunity to coordinate Kids Hope for our community.  I’m also very grateful for the beautiful people who have already committed to mentoring vulnerable children at Merrimac Primary School.

Some weeks ago, Stewart talked about our DNA as a church, and how we have the opportunity to nurture others. A few weeks ago, Dale spoke about choice and how much our decisions play a significant role in defining who we are, who we want to be, and eventually, who we become.

Reflecting on these thoughts and looking at my children, I see four adults journeying through life in their own individual ways, making brave decisions, having the courage and boldness to step into new things, raising their children and contributing to their own community, and all of these in ways that make me proud of who they have become.

I am sharing my experience, as it gives perspective on how loving mentors can be God’s helpers in helping vulnerable children maintain hope for the future, independently of the challenges they might be experiencing at home or at school in these difficult times.

As a mum, nothing could have predicted that my kids would turn out “good”. By the time the oldest was 12 and the youngest 5, I had become a sole parent, with no family for support and no real place to call home. I was in quick-sand and sinking fast, definitively not the ideal mum’s scenario.

On my children’s side, things were not much better. No matter how hard I tried to protect them, they were experiencing many challenges, particularly emotionally and academically. They had many questions about their circumstances and the future, and of course, they would not think of going to me for answers, let alone God.

But they did go to adults in our school and church community who were present for them when I was not.

And these people were Christian, following the teachings of Jesus.

By being present for my kids when my own struggles blinded me from their needs, these families acted as Jesus’ hands and feet in my children’s lives. They never once made me feel like I was a failing mum.

Recently, I arrived in this church community and asked myself: what practical thing can I do in that community? God’s answer came through the Church newsletter calling upon mentors for the Kids Hope program. I discovered in the program a God-sent opportunity to give back in the way my children had received so many years ago.

So what is the role of a Kids Hope mentor?

Simply, to be present in a child’s life. A child struggling, vulnerable, questioning life, questioning the world around them because of various challenges at home.

We need God, and God needs us to be His hands and feet in this world.

The vulnerable children at Merrimac need God’s care, and we, mentors, can be God’s hands and feet in these children’ lives.

Would you consider joining our growing team as a mentor or a prayer partner?

With best wishes,