Reflection by Jackson King – The power of music

I wonder, what role music plays in our lives?

For some this may be a simple question, and for others such as myself, the question sometimes needs more than a simple answer. Perhaps my favourite term of expression is that music is its own language, a universal form of communication across all walks of life around the world. When I first started attending church regularly as a recent high school graduate, I was immediately observant of how music played a vital role in the life of the church.


Music has the incredible ability to tell a story. I find some of the most profound and emotional stories are told through music. This has been a common thread throughout the history of the church. ‘The Song of Moses’sees the people of Israel, alongside Moses, celebrate in a song of praise for the Lord’s triumph over Pharaoh’s army in the Red Sea. (Exodus 15) The Psalms at every stage of history were and still serve as the songbook of God’s people, constantly providing readers with laments, hymns of praise, thanksgiving, celebration, and prophetic psalms to connect understandings of faith to the world around them. Even in more recent years the widely popular hymn ‘It Is Well with My Soul’ is a beautiful depiction of how hymnist Horatio Spafford lost all four of his daughters in a maritime accident in the late 1800’s and expresses how through his faith, managed to find a sense of peace in the midst of great pain and loss.


In today’s culture, music functions more as a background element. Something to listen to while driving to work, going to a gym, walking our pets and even while we enjoy a meal at a restaurant. As we come into this Christmas period, I hope we can utilise music to reconnect with Christ and reconnect with one another.


“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.” – Victor Hugo


I pray you go well in this exciting time ahead.