A home should never mean danger – Tiffany Berg from Anglicare

This week’s blog is written by Tiffany Berg
Head of Fundraising and Events at Anglicare
Tiffany was recently the guest speaker at the ladies afternoon tea, supporting Anglicare’s work in Domestic Violence within the community.

Easter should be a time where mum’s and dads celebrate with their children. A time to laugh, to spend time with family and a time where you eat too much chocolate. But that’s not the reality for some people. For some families, Easter is a time of heightened tension and abuse.

Did you know that after major events like Easter and Christmas, there is a significant increase in domestic violence crimes, due to heightened stress of families being brought together and alcohol? For many survivors, especially women, home is the most dangerous place to be as they are subjected to acts of physical, sexual, emotional, financial, and psychological abuse. Domestic and family violence is one of the most common reasons people become homeless, as women and children flee their homes, and crisis accommodation services struggle to find capacity.

Domestic violence is a real issue happening right now in Queensland and the reality is grim. Queensland police data shows that from 1 July 2020 to 31 March 2021, officers responded to 113,779 domestic and family violence occurrences, higher than the 107,000 cases reported across the 2020 calendar year. 1. ABC (2021) On average, one woman a week is murdered by her current or former partner in Australia. 2. Bryan, W & Bricknall, S (2017)

At Anglicare we believe a home should never mean danger for anyone. As a community, we can make a difference. Queensland offers a range of support services for people who are being impacted by Domestic Violence. At Anglicare, every day we provide care and support to women, men and children who have experienced domestic violence. We support these survivors by providing them with loving care through our services in Homelessness, Foster Care, Youth Homelessness and Mental Health and Well-Being.
– We offer safe accommodation to children in Foster Care
– We offer safe accommodation to women and children in our Homelessness Services
– We offer safe accommodation to Youth in our INSYNC Youth Homelessness Services
– We offer Mental Health and Counselling support for survivors.
If you, a family member or a loved one are experiencing Domestic Violence, please contact Anglicare Southern Queensland on 1300 610 610. We are here to provide you with support.


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