Easter, in our own words

The blog this week includes Easter reflections from Deidre Austin and Paula Littlechild

From Deidre Austin:

Thank you for all the variety of such wonderful Easter services, each one touched my heart in a different way, both online and when attending in the building.

It was so special to be reminded of Mary’s example of extravagant love, to experience fresh water with the promise of hope and new beginnings, to learn of holy oil as a meeting place of love and loss, and to see the symbol of light, shining forth with hope and guiding us in dark times. I was reminded that we are never alone and that God is truly always with us. This was represented so powerfully in the symbol of the beautiful doves which bring peace, love and the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. Holding each precious dove between the palms of my hands was such a special time and a truly transforming experience for me.

I now feel renewed to carry forth the light of Christ and shine with “extravagant love” in the name of Jesus. Yes, Easter has never mattered more.


From Paula Littlechild:

Holy week and Easter has been a time of reflection and prayer for me. I have recently taken on the role of welcoming / ushering, and attended four services during the week in person at church. Even brought my mum to the one on Saturday evening.
Good Friday this year was quite an emotional day, and very grateful for my faith at such times. I had the honour and privilege to sit with a friend in her final hours. I said the Divine Mercy Chaplet Prayer and felt such peace come over her and me and she passed away an hour later. Whilst sitting quietly beside Joanie, I was able to reflect on what Jesus did for us, his ultimate sacrifice and his suffering.
Although my friend’s passing brought such sadness to those of us who knew and loved her, Jesus’ passion on the cross and his resurrection also reminded me that death was not the end, but a continuance. Through Jesus, our spirit lives on after it leaves the flesh and continues home to God, where there is no more pain, suffering, and sadness.

He is risen!
He is risen indeed!