Praise my soul – reflection from our 7:30 choir

If there’s one thing people in a church community are sure to have different opinions about, it’s music!

Yet the rich diversity of music genres available provides plenty of space for our personal preferences and is a beautiful reflection of God’s creativity.

Music can be a pathway for prayer and worship and communion with God. Our 7.30 choir (aka The Songbirds) enriches our traditional worship service when they lead the singing of hymns and eucharistic settings. Choir members have a passion for singing together and leading worship. They are supported, encouraged and guided by Marcia Simmons.

Our blog this week captures a glimpse of what motivates them to serve, and how music enriches their life and faith. Read on to hear their thoughts …

When I was asked to take responsibility for the choir last year I was very excited. The offer from Stewart came at a most needed time in my life to fill a huge void. All forms of music have been my life since I was a child so being able to continue and encourage others to join me has been an absolute joy.
Being able to experiment with musical form and presentation is a challenge and I thank God that he has kept me on the musical path which is so important to feeding our souls.
I am privileged to work with an enthusiastic Choir with Mary-Anne to assist me …..”thank you “ is my constant prayer.

I have always been blessed to have had music in my life, but never more than during Covid. With God’s grace, the Songbirds was born to support one another. Our mission now is to spread the message of God’s love for us all though our hymn books.

I sing each Sunday because it is fun.
Worship is not worship without music, at least as far as I am concerned, AND I like the songs to be sung with meaningful words.


Music is universal, reaching across all peoples. Good words and good strong music reaches to our souls, and is so invigorating. We love to contribute at church.

My name is Helen Morrissey. My husband and I moved from Gympie to Benowa at the end of last year. From the first time I came to Robina Church the friendly people here made me feel very welcome, as did the choir, so I feel truly blessed to be a part of the worship in this place. Someone told me once that when you sing hymns, you are praying twice. So I sing with all my heart to God’s glory.

Singing the beautiful words of praise and honour to my Lord and Saviour each week is both a comfort and a privilege to me. Many of these hymns bring memories of various aspects of my life. They say that a hymn is simply a prayer set to music and I love to pray this way, and especially when I can do it with my friends.
The bonus of singing with this wonderful group each Sunday, along with our Tuesday practice and coffee afterwards, is the great bond of loving care and friendship we have developed through singing God’s praises, which continues after the last note is sung.


A Choir allows people who love to sing the opportunity to gather together to make a beautiful sound.. As a Songbird , a name bequeathed to us all by Lesley, we have become a very caring group of friends.
As I was born in Wales , I have sung in School Choirs, College Choirs and Church Choirs.
I have always been surrounded by music. I love the hymns with their glorious melodies and inspirational words of praise to the Lord.


Wow … thank you Songbirds for sharing your hearts with us. It appears that the glue that holds our committed choir together is not only their shared love of singing and worshipping God – it’s also their love and care for one another.

We have lots to learn from you. Thank you Songbirds, and thank you Marcia, for helping to keep 7.30am worship fresh and meaningful. We are grateful.

A final note: if you love singing and would like to join the choir, please see Marcia or one of the choir members. New members are always welcome!