Reflections From David Garside
Bowen Miller
David Garside
7:30 Parishioner and Member of Parish Council
For as long I can remember, I have felt the need to escape sometimes. Just to be on my own, to get 
away from the pressures of life.In England, we lived close to the moors so, off I would go with my 
backpack containing a thermos & sandwiches. Even in the depths of winter, when snow covered
this desolate place, this was MY special time where I would always find God, waiting to listen. 
I always felt that he had a plan for us.

Turn the pages & here we are in Australia. After all the weeks of restrictions, all the do’s & don’t. We all seem to be trying to find ways get back to resume some sort of ‘Normal’ life, but still needing that escape from reality.

Nothing has changed, we are still discovering the beauty of God’s creation, but now in unfamiliar places to us.

Hiking has enabled us to still get away from it all, forget about watching the TV or reading the newspaper. If it rains, we put our rain jackets on, if it’s hot, we try to find a shady tree.
Recently, Lesley & I returned from a guided hiking holiday in the Red Centre. We got up really early every morning & watched the bush come to life as the day dawned and thanked God with a smile on our faces for guiding us here.

After our hotel in Alice Springs, we then stayed at outback cattle stations, this was an eye-opening experience for us both. At one, we ate breakfast in the farm kitchen, & dinner in a converted open sided barn.

We walked up Kings Canyon & skirted the rim. The terrain was uneven with steep sections, then descended down to the Garden of Eden Watering Hole. We had a challenging hike to the summit of Mount Sonder, which was spectacular with views for 60kms. Everywhere was stunning. The majestic boulders of the Olgas, Simpsons Gap, the sights from the steep climbs at Serpentine & Ormiston Gorges.

But the lasting memories has to be the magnificent Uluru. Our guides took us to the sacred places, caves, the beautiful watering holes and so much more.
In conclusion this has made us appreciate what a diverse and beautiful country we now live in.