Our Services

We’re one church, but we have a number of distinct services with very distinct ‘flavours’ to meet the needs of people from different age groups and backgrounds. You’re sure to find a worship experience that suits you:

Sunday 7.30am

Our 7:30am service has a more traditional feel to it.  In the Anglican tradition we would call it  a “Sung Eucharist”. That’s a fancy way of saying that if you enjoy singing well-known hymns with the organ and choir, using familiar words from the Prayer Book and taking Holy Communion, this service will suit you. The 7.30am congregation is growing, friendly and welcoming and would love you to join them at the early service.

Sunday 9.30am

There’s always something different happening at our 9:30am service, but you can be sure that there will be elements specifically targeted for children and teenagers, as well as the adults. You’ll enjoy more contemporary music, Holy Communion and a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. The 9:30am service is a fantastic mix of all ages and stages and we’re committed to doing something a little different than the typical, traditional service. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in exploring, we’d love to welcome you to this growing congregation.

Wednesday 8am

Every Wednesday morning a faithful group comes together to pray in the language of the 1662 Book of Common Prayer. It’s a testament to the beauty of the language of that time that such a service is still in demand. This is our most intimate and personal service of the week and it’s held in our Chapel. The service goes for about 30 minutes, but the cuppa and conversation afterwards can last much longer!

Thursday 6pm - Youth & Young Adults

Thursday 6pm is a primarily aimed at Youth & Young Adults. This contemporary style  service also has the convenience of access to the town centre before or after the service for late night shopping. It also offers community time together after the service as we head over to the ‘Kitchens’ area in Robina Town Centre for a bite to eat from the various cuisine available and hang out together as possible.

Monthly Healing Service

At 12pm on the third Monday of every month there is a special Healing Service. It’s a chance to meet in God’s healing presence and seek time and space to pray and worship together. The service runs for 30 minutes and includes Holy Communion and the opportunity to be anointed for healing.

Residential Care Home Services

Each month we lead worship in a number of Residential Care Homes. These can be Holy Communion services led by one of our clergy or services led by one of our Liturgical Assistants.

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